June 27, 2017

Summer Training

Summer Training Questions?

E-mail (checked daily): info@59vancouver.ca
Squadron Phone (checked weekly): 778-994-5959

Summer Training Flyers:

Joining Instructions (JIs):

Forms to Bring Purpose
Anaphylaxis Forms (if applicable) Tells staff how to handle your food or non-food (e.g. bee stings) allergy
Offer of Participation letter Confirms your parent/guardian has allowed you to attend the summer training course and provide emergency contact info for the summer
Travel Orders – Intake & Exhaust Tells you where to go, how you’re travelling and if food will be provided
*The following forms are found in the Joining Instructions*
Annex C OVER THE COUNTER (OTC) / PRESCRIBED MEDICATION ADMINISTRATION Confirms your parents are allowing you to take medication you bring
Annex D COURSE CADET CODE OF CONDUCT The rules and regulations you agree to while attending a CTC as a course cadet
Annex E RECORD OF VALUABLE ITEMS To track any valuables brought
Annex F REQUEST FOR PARENTAL/GUARDIAN PICK UP/DROP OFF OF CADETS Only needed if your parent is planning to pick you up right after your graduation parade at the Cadet Training Centre or drop you off for the beginning of course (must be arranged in advance)
Annex G PARENTAL CONSENT FORM / CADET DAY / OVERNIGHT / WEEKEND PASS Only needed if your parent or authorized adult would like to take your cadet out for a day/overnight/weekend trip.
Annex J CADET TRAINING ALLOCATION Course cadets will receive a training bonus of ten dollars ($10.00) per day starting on the first day of in-person training up to a max of sixty dollars ($60.00) per week. The maximum per training course is three- hundred and sixty dollars ($360.00). The bonus will be paid by direct deposit by instalments dependant on the length of their course and the remainder on departure. Cadets must have a bank account in their own name to receive the training bonus. All Cadets are highly encouraged to bring a debit card to access their funds and purchases at cadet canteens