June 27, 2017

Summer Training

Summer Training Questions?

E-mail: 59air@cadets.gc.ca

Information regarding Summer Training 2024, and additional resources

Summer Training Joining Instructions (What to pack, Forms to be completed before arrival)

The following forms are accessible only on Cadet365. They must be completed and brought with the cadet to the CTC:

  • Packing Checklist. This document provides a list of common items required by each cadet attending summer training courses. The checklist provides a minimum guideline for packing personal and issued items.
  • Personal Value Property Log. This form records all valuable property belonging to the cadet and may be used to identify lost or recovered property. All valuables should remain at home for the course.
  • Medication record. This form records all prescription and non-prescription medication belonging to the cadet. Due to the sensitive nature of its contents, please place the completed document in a sealed envelope and return it with the other required forms.
  • Cadet Transportation Form. This form determines whether a cadet requires transportation following course graduation. It’s been identified that cadets may elect to return home with family or authorized friends following the graduation parade.
  • Time-Off Authorization and Consent Form. This form allows people identified on the form to pick up course cadets for time off during off-hours. Photo identification is required at pick-up.
  • Direct Deposit Authorization Form. This form is required for the direct deposit of your cadet training bonus into your bank account. Information you will need to have: Bank Name and Branch Number, Account Type (Checking or Savings), Account Number, Full name of account owner if it is not the CTC cadet’s account. A void check or form from your bank must be attached.