June 22, 2017

Squadron Leadership

Squadron Staff

If you wish to contact a specific member of the Squadron Staff, please email info@59vancouver.ca and request your email be forwarded to them.

Commanding OfficerMajor T. Alguire, CD
Deputy Commanding OfficerCaptain H. Li
Administration OfficerCaptain E. Lay, CD
Assistant Administration OfficerLieutenant S. Kann
Unit Public Affairs RepresentativeLieutenant S. Kann
Training OfficerLieutenant E. Wong
Operations OfficerVacant
Proficiency Level Course OfficerOfficer Cadet K. Rana
Proficiency Level Course OfficerCivilian Volunteer M. Chow
Proficiency Level Course OfficerCivilian Volunteer W. Li
Proficiency Level Course OfficerCivilian Volunteer M. Wong
Supply OfficerCivilian Volunteer J. Wu
Assistant Supply OfficerVacant
Standards OfficerVacant
Assistant Standards OfficerVacant
COVID-19 Safety OfficerCaptain H. Li

Squadron Sponsoring Committee        

ChairpersonMr. D Chui
Vice ChairpersonMr. R. Dunkel
DirectorMr. I. Wong
Committee MemberMs. O. Chow

Squadron Senior Cadet Positions

Squadron CommanderTBA
Squadron Deputy CommanderTBA
Squadron Warrant OfficerTBA