September 11, 2017


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1. All cadets are expected to report their absence for every training night of the year. Failing to report an absence or not providing a valid reason to be absent may result in administrative or disciplinary action.

2. Three consecutive (in a row) absences may result in termination of a cadet’s membership.


3. The following are definition of terms to assist the reader in understanding this policy.

  • Short Leave – One to two training nights in a consecutive period.
  • Long Leave – More than two training nights in a consecutive period.
  • Approver– The individual with the authority to approve the leave.

How Attendance is Recorded

4. We use a database called FORTRESS to record our attendance. Cadets will be marked either of the following:

Present (P)
Absent (A)
Absent Excused (AE)
Late Arrival (LA)
Leave Early (LE)

How to Request for Leave

4. Short Leave: Cadets must submit their request two days before (unless there is an emergency) the training day using the approved method of communication to the approver (see Approval Table below). Instructors must find their own substitute for their classes.

5. Long Leave: The CATO 13-30 Annex A form (see below for link) must be completed and submitted to Administration at least three weeks before the leave is to begin.

Leave Request Evaluation

6. Leave approvers will evaluate each request individually and make an assessment of whether or not they will approve the leave request. If your leave request is denied and you wish to dispute the decision, please email Your request will be re-evaluated by the Squadron Senior Staff.

7. Typical reasons to approve leave:

a. Illness
b. Family Emergency
c. Studying for Exams
d. Special School Event

Approval of Leave

8. The following is a breakdown, by rank, of who can approve leave requests.

Rank Short Leave Approver
(1-2 Trg Nights, in a row)
Short Leave
Request Method
Long Leave Approver
(3+ Trg Nights, in a row)
Long Leave Form
(Submit to Admin)
AC to  Flight Commander Phone Submit Form
to Administration
Download Form
 to Deputy Cadet
Squadron Commander
Phone Submit Form
to Administration
Download Form
Cadet Squadron Commander Email / Phone Submit Form
to Administration
Download Form
Deputy Commanding Officer Email / Phone Submit Form
to Administration
Download Form

Approver Reporting Leave Process

9. Short Leave: Approvers for short leave must ensure the approved absence is marked on the Flight attendance sheet along with a short note advising Admin the reason for the leave. If there is no reason provided, the Administration NCO or Administration Officer may reject attendance sheet until it is completed fully.

10. Long Leave: The leave form must be downloaded, completed, and submitted to the administration department. It can be handed in personally or emailed to

Dispute Process

11. In the event a cadet disputes a leave request decision, the Commanding Officer (or designate) will conduct a review of the dispute and assess the following:

a. Was the leave request submitted in a timely manner?

b. Was the reason provided reasonable?

c. Interview the approver to ascertain the reasoning for their decision.

12. The findings of the review will be forwarded or issued by the Commanding Officer, in writing (or email if unclassified).

Extenuating Circumstances

13. In the event of a personal emergency, leave requests after the fact will be accepted. Otherwise, cadets will be marked Absent.