September 11, 2017


Please be advised of the following maintenance schedule.

Posted Date Service Description  Start Date End Date Status Notes / Comments
11 Sep 2017 Website
Server Migration – MySQL Databases 11 Sep 2017 18 Sep 2017
13 Sep 2017
Complete Our web host will be migrating our site and services to a new server in order to accommodate our expansion of services. Users may experience loss of connectivity / interruption of services when trying to access website. Email, Sharepoint, and other Office 365 Enterprise services will not be impacted.
 09 Sep 2017 Website
Website Theme Update 09 Sep 2017 10 Sep 2017 Complete  The website style (theme) will be undergoing major changes. In addition, the structure of the website will also be changed.  Notice: Facebook Link (Users will still be linked to the website, however the integration will be disconnected.)